Thursday, April 23, 2009

And So It Begins. . .

Truan is mobile.
He's not quite up and running. But he gets around.
I always thought I didn't have much in my little house. I'm soon learning that I have a LOT. And Truan wants a piece of it all. Well he just can't have it.

I walked into Truan's room after a nap and found this face giggling back at me. This kid makes me wants to squeeze all the cute right out of him!

"Wow, this is awkward. I thought this was the part where you picked me up..."

"Yes. I hear those who walk on all fours are welcome to the party mix. I believe I am now part of the party"

"Just as I imagined...Delish!"

"Don't take away the party mix! I found it fair and square!"

"Hello? Anything to chew on in here?"

"I bet I could hold on to one of these soda's in my cheek and she'd never figure it out"

"Have you seen the expiration date on these things? Don't you worry. I have it all taken care of"

"Don't even look at me."

"Just hand over the camera. It's not fair to the other babies"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Wife, My Best Friend

I don't feel as though I would be out of line at all to claim that I am unworthy of the amazing woman I duped into marrying me. She is truly out of my league and I'm lucky she doesn't realize it.

It is hard to organize words into the right order to express how grateful I am that she is here with me. She has blossomed into a beautiful mother and is flourishing as a parent to our son. Her love, sincerity, hope and faith make our house a home. She takes such good care of Truan and I that I couldn't ask for anything more. We have so much fun playing games, watching movies and being parents together.

She is my best friend.

Tonight, though we are busy preparing to leave for Utah in the morning she let me go ride my motorcycle. I really needed it. Thank you baby.

I found some mud :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter on Parade

Ok, I'm going to say it. I didn't take enough pictures.
Truan went to his first Easter Egg Hunt in downtown Twin Falls. Unfortunately, by the time we parked and got across the street, all the eggs were taken. We learned our lesson to get there earlier, and we're glad we have a baby who doesn't understand that he left with the same amount of plastic eggs that he came with.
We did, of course, have him pose as if he was included in an egg hunt frenzy!

"We're so excited!"

"No, really. I promise. I'm excited."

"You said everyone else would be dressed up like me, mom"

" I could have sworn I saw an egg up here.
! But Oh MY, the view is nice"

"What? You say no Easter Eggs left? Can I take my tie off now?"

Kris knew how much fun I had playing with the Batman kite, that he got me a really nice PINK kite. I LOVE it. Now I just have to figure out how to fly it.

And BuBBLES! Don't forget the Bubbles! Here's Kylie and Kellie enjoying that Twin Falls breeze! Good for Kites and Bubbles.

I love this kid

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Projects and Toys

Random post by Kris

For almost a year now I've been working on how to build an indoor climbing wall in a garage somewhere so that we could get more practice on our rock climbing when time and/or weather wouldn't allow a trip to the cliffs. The project took on real meaning when Ryan and I decided that it was impossible for us to progress our rock climbing skills any further than they were without real training on a regular basis.

So we ordered the parts and holds online and picked up some lumber at Home Depot and set to work renovating the bat cave into our new training facility. Ryan, Danny and I do pretty good work if you ask me.

I've also been shopping for a new dirt bike for about a month. I was looking to switch from a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke and upgrade a little in the power department. I've checked craigslist every 45 mins for the last month and found exactly what I was looking for, a 2000 YZF 426. After a test drive through a residential neighborhood at about 9:30 p.m. and an angry neighbor's mild scolding due the awesome sound produced by this beast of a machine I decided we were meant for one another. She's louder than an angry mother-in-law (not you Marcia, somebody else) and has enough power to peel your eyebrows off in 4th gear if you're not wearing your goggles.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Curse You, Father Time!

When Kris and I bought our first home, I was excited to have my own place to paint walls and decorate. But my biggest excitement was that we no longer had to play to a landlords rules. I could finally have a puppy! I had never had one growing up, and so this was my chance! I visited the Idaho Humane Society everyday. They pretty much knew be by name, and I was the first one aware of any newcomers.
It wasn't a full month until I came home with our black lab, Denny. Since then we have truly fallen in love with this kid. He and Kris soon became best friends.And was a perfect big brother the day we brought Roxy home. I am excited to see Truan play with both of our dogs and enjoy them as we have. As part of the family.
I can't help myself but notice the gray hairs appearing on Denny's face. He's not an old dog in anyway (only 3 years old). But it saddens me to see the gray reminders that he wont be around as long as we would like. We'll just have to enjoy all of the time we get.
We love you Denny.
Any other dog lovers out there?

On a lighter note.
The day in the park yesterday was a success!

On the back porch. They are both staring at the tennis ball. Waiting for me to throw it.

And Let's not forget crawling progress:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Glitter Eggs

Ask my mom. Ask any of my sisters. You can even ask my husband. I LOVE things that sparkle!
I have ever since I was little. If it was sparkly, glittery or shiny, and caught my eye, it went directly to my sock and underwear drawer. Society says that adults shouldn't keep weird things in their underwear drawers, so I have to get my kicks one way or another.
I got out he glitter and glue and enjoyed some good sparkly fun!
I put some on my face...

The colors

The Finished Product