Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Puppies, Oh my!

Funny Kid

Truan loves pancakes....LOVES them. He gets really excited about them. Sometimes he can't wait long enough until they are cooled down. I have had to explain to him that they are "Hot" and you need to blow on them. He now makes a blowing noise whenever he wants a pancake. I think he thinks that's its name. I took this video this morning.

Happy Birthday Again. . .

Truan really knows how to draw out a Birthday. He gets it from his Grandma.
We got home to Idaho, after our Yosemite excursion, and started planning for the NEXT party. The theme, you ask? But Puppies of course! Couldn't you tell?

THE CAKE!! This was after a dry run, thank Betty Crocker for dry runs!

The back of the cake.

Always the life of the party...a balloon.

The layout

Love these two! Thanks Kellie for everything!

A couple of Truan's favorite people! Love you GUYS!

Of course the BFF was present!

Thanks for coming Fam!

Cake time!

Just as imagined! Yummers!

If the spoon would just hold STILL!!

Oh look, one of the caterers got in the way of a picture...


Useless wrapping paper!

Thanks Laurie and Blaine for the shorts!

Let the games begin!

Truan, you are a stellar "Pin the nose on the Puppy" Player!

The final product! I have videos of some funny adults.

"Being devilishly handsome and the life of the party is exhausting....when's the next party?"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Catch Up?

It's been a while. Don't assume that I will catch up everything that has happened recently. Between Yosemite, Truan's first Birthday and The Cabin trip, I have a few posts to come. But first and foremost:
Truan Turned ONE!!

We had a "Celebration" on Truan's Birthday while we were in Yosemite, so my family was able to celebrate with us.

Happy face!

He got SO hopped up on cupcake! He was laughing so hard when we tried to change his diaper later...

Truan was pretty excited about his PUFFS that aunt Bethany gave him! They have a bond.

Truan LOVED his new puppy toy! Thanks Clarkies and Prices! We're still playing with it on a daily basis!

Ok, so both of us were excited about the toy. . .

We got really involved in the attack of the cupcake.

Snuggling came later, after we were all clean.

Truan knows how to party!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One Year

The boy is one years old.
I would take this moment and blog space to list all of his amazing qualities and how much he means to me, but then I would just start blubbering at my computer. No one wants to see that. Then Kris will ground me from blogging for like a month. And where would that leave us.
I will keep it simple.
This year has been the longest and shortest year of our lives.
We are thankful.
Happy Birthday Truan, we love you so much!