Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love these kids!

If you've read the blog before, you know about Truan's good friend "Pots". He is very protective of him and it is one of his prized possessions. When people ask me if Truan likes his new baby sister, I should carry these pictures around to answer their question:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Decide

Ok, So we keep hearing comments about how much Devyn looks like Truan when he was a baby. So I thought I'd put it to the test. You tell me who's who:

Baby 1

Baby 2

Picture of the Day

I've recently realized that our house has HORRIBLE lighting for pictures. So a lot of them come out fuzzy and grainy. On a lighter note, Devyn is already perfecting her "Condescending Glare". Yes, she is a girl after my own heart.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Jelly Bean

When Truan was born, I remember having the camera on hand at all times. While he was napping or just hanging out. I couldn't help but want to capture every expression! Now that I am a mother of two, I find things are a little different this time around. The time that I am not breastfeeding or changing diapers, I'm trying to make food for Truan or me or pick up after an explosion of blocks in the front room. I suddenly realized that I have been totally lacking in the photo department with this new Jelly Bean of ours. She changes SO much everyday! And I am horrible for not documenting this! So, I am going to make a goal to take a picture of her everyday! Even if it's just one, while she's sleeping. It's hard to get a newborn to perform. Well here's my first installment of new pics.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Devyn Ray

I know, it's taken me so long to post! I'm sorry. But in all honesty, everyone has already seen her via Facebook and coming over to squeeze on her. It's so easy to post pictures on Facebook, that the blog is becoming obsolete. But for those of you who somehow have NOT heard or seen:
Devyn Ray Donner was born on June 4, 2010. Yes, she was a FULL week late! But I guess she knew that her mom wanted a June baby. She was 8lbs 15oz and 20 in tall.
Started at 10pm and after a little over ten hours of labor,I had had no sleep all night,was completely worn out and pleaded for the epidural. My buddy "Rob" (I never met him before in my life, but he was the one putting a huge needle in my back, so I assume we're buddies now) graciously gave me one. A little over an hour later, we were ready to push. I think it was less than ten minutes and a couple pushes, and Devyn Ray popped right out! My mom's first words were, "She has HAIR!" I was so relieved, since Truan had NONE the first 9 mos of his life. And then we made sure it was a girl who came out, because we could have gotten a little "Rocco"(my sister delivered a boy when she was told she was having a girl). Devyn will probably never know her name, since Truan keeps calling her "Baby Sister" and I only refer to her as "The Jellybean". We'll have to just teach it to her before she heads off to kindergarten.
I was so lucky and blessed with wonderfully supportive family and friends around me. From Ryan and Nicole, letting us bring Truan over to their house at 2:30 n the morning, to Kellie and Kylie who babysat, played and entertained a two year old for a couple days. I also had my big sister come out all the way from California to help prep for the baby! Amazing!
And then there was my mom, who came out for a week and held my hand through everything leading up to and all through the delivery! Grocery shopping, keeping me fed, pulling fat Truan in and out of carseats, cleaning my house.... the list it endless. There is no thank you sufficient.
To all of these people.
Thank You.

My favorite moments on June 4th:

Kris's face when Devyn was coming out. It was the same as when Truan was born. He does not have a very expressive personality, but when he saw her for the first time, his face could not be described. So much joy and wonderment. I love this man.

Truan's face and exclamation. When we brought him into the room, we weren't sure what to expect. We thought there might be no reaction at all, just curiosity at this little person. But when Truan saw Devyn in my arms he became giddy and exclaimed "Baby Sister?" As if he had been waiting for so long for her! He's one of my favorite people.

A couple more pictures: