Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sweater That Keeps on Giving

You know the cute blogger chicks who do posts of detailed Quiet Books, Handmade Clothes, Refurbished Furniture, or Delectable Desserts and then claim they are not creative or crafty in any way. Liars. They ARE talented and artsy, and I wish I was them; but I can honestly tell you that I am Home-Ec-Disabled. For reals.
This is why I am making this post, because I am baffled by my craftiness!
Let me introduce you to my good friend,"Eddie Bauer XL", I found her at DI last month. I bought her lovely self for $6 and have been reaping the benefits ever since.

Though her textured exterior and comfy appeal would do quite nice as Mr Bauer originally intended for her (a sweater), I had other plans. It started when I made the decision to make stockings for Xmas this year. I copied someone else's fantastic idea: cut the shape of the stocking, then sew up the sides! Easy Schmeasy! It's not perfect(I told you I wasn't crafty), and it was a little lumpy around the edges, but I loved it!

But then other ideas began to stir and Pinterest, that dirty temptress, had her way with me. I soon found myself cutting out Miss XL's sleeves and turning them into Boot Leggings! What's better than a new pair of boots?....A wicked sweet pair of leggings to go with them.

I was beginning to feel guilty about the remains of my new friend. It seemed like she still had so much to offer the world. So, on my way to the garbage to toss the rest of her out, I was teasing when I turned to Kris and said, "Should we use the turtleneck as a beanie for Jellybean? Haha"......this "haha" slowly turned into a slow cackle, "Wahaha! We're not done with you YET my blue eyed friend!" I exclaimed as I began surgery on her once more with a crazed look in my eye.
Cut, cut, snip, snip, Hummm of the Sewing maching....Bam!

The Bean looks fantastic!

With threads of soft blue cotton caressing my gorgeous, frizz free and perfectly straightened brunette strands of hair, I turned to my old friend. I believe I heard a voice. Much like the one heard from the deceased Giving Tree. It whispered, "Rice babies..." Ah yes, my wise comrade, why did I not think of that.
(If you don't know what a rice baby is, ask a grandma from Idaho)

Two, I got two rice babies out of her.


I felt she deserved a memorial.