Sunday, February 21, 2010

Climbing, Cousins and Popeye

This little man of ours learns and changes everyday. It's just so crazy all the stuff he picks up on. He's copying everything we say and loves learning new stuff. Here are some of the things that are going on in Truan's life:

Everything's a toy, including boxes. Note, he's aiming his "hand gun" at me. He's dangerous.

Sometimes we find our good friend "Pots" in the high chair, buckled up, waiting for lunch.

Truan's cousin Luca, who we call "Ucca", came to visit. Truan was happy to share his cars and have a friend around. Even when Luca was gone Truan would point up the stairs (where they stayed) and say, "Ucca? Sleeping?". The only reason for Luca to not be around, is if he's taking a nap, right?

Truan is into watching old cartoons that Grandma gave him for his Birthday. I came into the living room to find this. He had himself all set up and had somehow turned on "Popeye". It's like he's a big kid. Don't be fooled, he's still a baby. Right?

Kris put a "route" up for Truan on the climbing wall. Truan climbed it over and over again. We finally had to peel him off because it was bedtime. I'm not sure who had more fun, Truan or Kris who was stoked to see his little boy loving the same things he loves.