Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life as The Donners Know it

We have been doing lots of things these days, but I am horrible at blogging, and I am sorry that our "fans"(Christina) has to suffer for it. So if you've given up on us, I don't blame you. But you will be upset that you missed this one.

Every yeas we go to the Art in the Park and every year Kris looks forward to eating a Gyro! Yummm, lamb, or goat, or whatever it is. (yuck)

My Donner Boys! Hanging out with all that art.

The Donner Fam, fully equipped with two stollers, a sippy cup, a bottle, plenty of diapers and wetwipes, and a butt load of good times.

The Cornia Family

The Bean, and all of her glory.

Next we have pictures of what it is like to hang out at our house...

Here's a picture of Truan. Let's take a closer look: Truan has only one sock on, one of his arms hanging out of his shirt, a bruise on his cheek and playing with Mommy's phone, which he's not supposed to do. This is how Truan lives his life, in total shambles.

Truan ignoring me when I asked him to give me my phone back.

Truan has learned that he can roll his high chair around and climb up on any countertop of high reaching shelf that he's not supposed to be in. He knows when he gets caught..

In other news: The Jelly Bean is rolling over, whether we like it or not!

We are Boise State fans....can you tell?

Thanks to Kellie, we got to enjoy a pre-season Steelheads game! Wahoo! I soon learned that I do not like Hockey Fights. It can be very bloody.... Other than that, is was a LOT of fun!

Ok, so there was this lady who sat behind us and was totally drunk for the game. SHe was so loud and was making all sorts of awesome comments. I think my favorite comment was when she held her face with her hands and said, "God bless America!" GOOD entertainment! Can you see her in the back of this picture??


It's really blurry, but here's a pic of one of the fights. Can you see the fist coming down?? Too much for me!

In our Sunday Best

Truan has a favorite song. He asks for it by request and has a shockingly amount of smooth moves that goes with it. See for yourself!