Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Cabin

Another quick weekend up at the cabin was a success. I didn't realize the lack of pictures I took until I was uploading them, and it took no time. The ride up (which normally takes about an hour and 45 mins) took us 3 hours to get there because of the ice on the road. So I took a couple pictures on the drive up because I was bored.
We also got a couple pictures of us sledding, so enjoy.

I turned around to take a picture of Truan in his relaxed state. He was really excited that I was taking pictures and kept asking me to take more. Here's his poses:

We pass by Arrowrock Dam on the way up, just a quick pic.

Truan and Dash had fun playing peekaboo in the curtains and yelling at their dads outside the window!

Truan, getting geared up:

Here's the boys before the going down!

And after: Truan was so excited!

Even mom tried, to heck with having no fun while you're pregnant. (Ok, it was a really mild hill)

Here's Nicole and Dash taking a turn

Truan was so excited to even see other people go down, that he would squeal and clap in delight. He's awesome.

Christmas Pictures

Ok, I finally got them scanned in. Don't hate me for taking so long, but here are some pictures we took of Truan right before Christmas. Pre-Santa episode.
He did so well. He smiled and giggled the whole time, it was the easiest sitting we've had so far!