Monday, July 27, 2009

The Salmon River

On Saturday, Kris and I went rafting down the Salmon River! We had never done this before. Kris's mom, Kellie has gone on trips with these guys before and knew how much fun it was, so she planned and organized everything! Thanks again Kellie!
Here are the two pictures that they send to you, of Kris and I.
We had SO much fun and we can't wait to do it again!

Look no hands! I'm pretty much a pro.

Hold on tight baby!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"That Kid"

I have "That Kid". The one who does lots of cool party tricks, but never for the party. I have gotten him to do some REALLY cute stuff, but he has refused to do it for anyone else. I've outsmarted him! I got it on camera! Here's the proof that he does cute things!

He knows where is nose and ears are:

And he "Dances" and does what we call "Crazy Arms"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Fourth!

Happy Late fourth of July!
We went down to Provo to visit my two sisters and their families. We had so much fun playing at the water park, watching THE parade and enjoying a fabulous BBQ!
Here's the snap shots from the visit!
We love and miss you guys so much!

WHen we decided to go down to UT, Kris's first thought was to go to The African Restaurant. Here's his happy face! Yummy African fooood! And....James, just as...happy?

My nephew, Ben. He is gorgeous. I can never get enough of his face!

After a few rounds of Orange Fanta, I asked Rocco to pose for me. This is what I got.

We were in UT for less than a few hours and Kris was already climbing trees, Truan in tow.

A rigorous round of xbox followed the tree climbing. It was a good weekend. Truan felt involved.

Walking to the park was a photo shoot in itself with these two midgets.

Waiting to get into the water park....that slide looks pretty serious to me.

Ta DA! Heaven! This is Heaven! (use sing song voice)

"No you can't go down the big slide by yourself. Hold it together man!"

Planning on walking anytime soon Truan? Let us know when you feel like it.

Truan had no idea this big smooth thing came with a head.

Cool! Very coool!

Ben is so brave!

We hold babies, not snakes.

"Did you just say I was too SHORT for this thing? Bad move my friend"

Luca:"Truan, calm down. It's just a turtle!" Truan:"Don't judge me! It looked at me funny! Did you see that swift move?? That's it. We're LUNCH! RUN LUCA!"

Happy Fourth! Brought to you by the letter "Benjamin"

Are these boys perfect or what?? I love them, I love them, I love them!

The Clark boys at the parade. Priceless.

Luca is so Patriotic!

The Crew at the Parade

Have I told anyone that I love this kid?

My poor Ben got attacked by a firework

"You see Luca, I've had experience with fireworks...Just sit back and relax. They wont attack, I promise."

"Would you rather I knock you out for it? Ok, hold still."

Who's excited for fireworks?? Heck yes we are!!

We look so cool in our glow sticks. Stop being jealous. Right now. Stop it.

Yay! Sparklers!

We had a freakin Blast you guys! We miss you all so much already and we are super bummed that you aren't close anymore. Enjoy California! I will live vicariously through you from here on out.