Sunday, September 20, 2009

BSU - Orange and Blue!

Who doesn't enjoy a good BSU game?
Congrats for the win!
Here's how we showed our spirit!

Uncle Jeremiah and Aunt Kylie came to play!

"Why didn't you tell me the game was on?"

Mommy and Baby, all smiles during a heck of a game!


"Dad, stop distracting me, I'm watching the game."

Yes, you are seeing them. Gravity defying cheeks!

Good LoVE! We'll miss you daddy while you're out of town this week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's California on the phone, They want their Mina Back!!

I'm not going to pretend to play catch up. Instead, I will post a few of my favorite pictures that my sisters and I took when we went to Santa Cruz. SO much fun! I miss my sisters so much. Just being able to stay up and talk has been a priceless possession that I've truly missed.

Me and My sister, Francesca

Jeff, nice.

Francesca, Daddio and ME

Me and Franny. We took probably 50 pictures and got really tired of jumping, but it was worth it! We're awesome!

Is this kid awesome or what.