Friday, May 8, 2009

Date Night!

In Downtown Boise they have what's called First Thursdays. The first Thursday of every month, shops are open later, they hold activities at galleries and stores, and wine tasting is everywhere you turn. My friend Karen and I, minimized it down to 14 things we wanted to go do out, of the 68 things they offered. We pulled out the map, highlighted, organized and made an itinerary for a Date Night with our Husbands. Our husbands were surprisingly willing to attend a date that was full of 5 min foot massages at Macy's, live jazz and chalk painting at the Boise Art Museum.
Unfortunately, because of the horrible experience we had at the restaurant we went to (to be explained), we were forced to only attend TWO of our activities!!
Though the restaurant threw a wrench in out plans, the night was still a success! We had a lot of fun, and spent a lot of TIME (sitting at a restaurant) enjoying good conversation.

Our first stop:
The Boise Art Museum a.k.a. BAM

BAM had an Ansel Adams exhibit that was lovely. We especially enjoyed the Yosemite pictures, considering we'll be there in less than a week. We explored the rest of the Museum and they let us do some chalk drawings. It was really cool.

Though Kris had already begun his masterpiece, I took time out to pose for a picture.

Turns out, Karen is actually a really good artist. She blew the rest of us away!

Our tools of artistry.

The Final Product.

Danny is doing his "Kali" face. Good Drawing Karen!

ok, so this is what happened.
We went to a restaurant called Chef Lou's on 8th St. It was tucked away and had cute ambiance appeal. We chose this place because they had a special First Thursday offer. They advertised free fountain drinks, I asked if lemonade was included, the guy said yes....and then later said no. We had to wait to get menus because they didn't have enough and they were ALMOST given to a group that was just walking in. We finally got drinks and menus and ordered.....An HOUR LATER we got our food.(Seriously, we watched the clock) The portions were small, my salmon was a little over cooked on the bottom and the brisket that Kris and Karen got, that was supposed to be a "Kick Ars!" dish was so-so. None of us who ordered fries got any. All in all, it was a waste of our time. SO if you live in the Boise area and you've thought about going to Chef Lou's, DON'T.
We got REALLY hungry waiting for our food we started rummaging through our purses to see if we had gum or snacks anywhere.

Famished!! Withering away!

We got creative with the time we had to entertain ourselves.

Nice try.

We were so excited when we finally got food!

Wow Karen, your silverware is really huge. . .

After dinner, it was crunch time. We had to get back to the babysitters in an hour, so we prioritized. They had an open house of high end condominiums that we all wanted to see. We walked a few blocks to the Royal Plaza. After this experience I've decided that I need a few things:
1. A doorman. I want to get one for our house. It'd be so cool. I'll name him Jeeves.
2. A buzzer. I want to be able to deny whomever I want. AND say, "Oh yes, I will buzz you up!"
3. A his and her closet/bathroom complete with a room just for the toilet. Life necessities.

Looking out our BIG window, down at the little people. We're SO posh!

Atop our Rooftop Terrace!

Enjoying the sunset on ONE of the balconies.

GOOD pic of the Robertsons! It was a fun night!

Toilet room anyone?

Don't Jump!!

How embarrassing.....

Woo wooo Karen!

I found a new favorite the laundry room?

It was such a good night...maybe try again next month?

Coming Soon to a Yosemite near You:

We are going to Yosemite next week. We have been somewhat nervous, considering last time we camped, Truan wasn't crawling. I am not excited about the prospect of a baby rolling around in the dirt. He doesn't fit in a baby bouncer or swing anymore. SO this is what we came up with. Truan seems to be pleased with it.