Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Between The CornMaze, Boo at the Zoo, trick or treating and sipping Apple Cider, it was a successful Halloween! I love having a kid big enough to walk around the neighborhood with. SO much fun!
Truan is not into looking at the camera when I ask him to, but I snapped a bunch of pictures anyway. They're mostly out of focus, blurry or not centered because of the constant motion of this kid! His face might not look like it, but he had a blast!

Truan in the Corn Box. It took him 5 mins before he started hurling corn at other kids....hence the sneaky face

Is that a Jelly bean face or what?

Cheese! Good pic Kylie, I like the part where your eyes are open.

Truan went down this slide probably 100 times. Loved it! I guess he doesn't realize that we can go slide any day of the week.

Boyz Boyz!

This face definitely doesn't represent the enthusiasm that was had during the train ride.

So much fun at the top of the slide!

LOVE this excited face!

Family Donner

Ultimately cheesy "Before" picture. By the way, that pumpkin was so freakin' heavy!

Nice! Truan had no idea what he was getting into....

This was serious business

And required a co-pilot...

JellyFace helped out by being ridiculously cute!

The final Products!

Nothing like a good pair of Jack-o-Lanterns!

Ready to head to Boo at the Zoo! All "Inja Turtled-out!"

We were made for Boo at the Zoo

Kris and his Nunchucks! Homemade.

Mom and The Bean

Boise's nothing like the East Coast, but I am enjoying what I've got!

Sadly this is the best out of the three pictures we tried to take with me and the kids...I need to train them to perform better.

No, You're seeing this correctly. I DO realize I posted a picture of Truan picking his nose, and Kris yawning. Hilarious. I love these guys.

Truan really liked the giraffe, but was hesitant to get close to him...Santa at the Mall, here we come. Expect tears.

Truan and Dad helped frost and decorate cupcakes....and then ate them! Yum!

The witching hour is HERE!

JB was a willing participant.

And we're off!

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.....Heros in a Half Shell!

Trick or Treating was a lot of fun, but it took a few tries for Truan to understand the concept. The first person who opened the door, Truan walked right into the house looking for grandma, "Grandma? Grandma!" The lady was a little confused why this 2 year old was invading her home....oops.

Here's Truan practicing his "Trick or Treat" and some of the door to door excitement!


Jaclyn said...

I cannot believe how big your Ninja turtle is :) Love how cute he is--

Who's 'dis? said...

I love the family ninja turtle picture- truan's face is so great. And good costume idea! Devyn is so cute and loves tummy time?? Awesome.

christina clark said...

I just love my little Truan face and Jellybean. I love the little video and Truan saying goodbye to the monster. The Inja Turtle costumes turned out great ... and speaking of great, you look great Meensie! Keep putting the time on the treadmill, our 10k is coming!!

Daddio and Marmie said...

I love how Truan was dragging his Trick or Treat Bag!!! Too funny. The costumes were great. I think it takes a little while until they figure the whole Trick or Treat thing out, and when they do, LOOK OUT! :)

Love and miss you guys!


Bethany said...

Everything looked fabulous! What cute kids. Can't wait til Thanksgiving!AHHH! Love the truan face! And Jelly bean is so cute.